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How To Choose The Best Tire Inflator

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What people may not realize is that a tire inflator can be a life saver. If you’re stranded in the middle of a snow storm and have a flat tire with no way to call for help, a 12v portable air compressor can inflate that tire and get you back on your way within minutes. Yes, minutes.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Portable Tire Inflator?
When it comes to choosing the best tire inflator, you will want to take these things into consideration before making a purchase:
    Portability and Storage – The air compressor that you choose should be easy to move around your car. You’ll want an inflator that is going to be able to reach all tires with as little effort as possible. Also, if you intend on storing your air compressor in the car when it’s not in use, you’ll want to make sure that it is small enough so that it doesn’t take up much space in your trunk.
    Automation – It’s always nice when you have a device that seemingly knows what you need. Do you want an air pump that has a few settings already programmed in it, or do you want to manually input the PSI settings? Also, do you want a unit that is going to turn off on its own once the desired pressure has been reached, or do you not mind turning the device off manually? These extra little conveniences will make the device you choose more expensive, but sometimes that convenience is worth it.
    Inflation Time – When looking at some of the best portable air compressors for car tires, check to see how long it takes for the unit to fully inflate small, medium, and large car tires. This is going to give you a good indication of how long you can expect to be waiting before your flat is filled. The faster the inflator works means that you can be on the road that much quicker, which could be a matter of your safety if you’re in a bad neighborhood or caught in bad weather.
    Tire Size – Some tire inflators are capable of inflating large tires while others are not. It is important that the compressor you choose is going to be able to inflate the tire size you have, otherwise you’ll just have a fancy paper weight in the back of your trunk.

    Duty Cycle – The duty cycle is referring to the complete amount of time your inflator will take to cool down after it’s been used for a while. The longer the duty cycle, the longer it will take before you can use the inflator again. To read the duty cycle, if your compressor is listed at ‘50% duty cycle’ then that means it can run continuously without needing to cool down.